About Us

Quality, purity, and a natural approach fuel the driving principles that define Vodis. We are passionate about our products and committed to being an industry leader in the movement for better health and pain management through natural, high quality products.

Our work environment is somewhere between a premium micro-brewery and a cutting edge pharmaceutical company. We take pride in our products and constantly strive to improve, but we also keep focused on our customers.

We take what we do seriously, but we also have fun. This approach is building a thriving company and superior products.

Our unique and innovative approach focuses on the entire process, from the planting of the seeds, cultivation of the plant, quality assessments for purity, packaging, and connecting with our customers. We sweat the details each step along the way and are happy with the results. We’re not just selling a product; we are promoting a greener and healthier lifestyle for open minded and forward thinking individuals.

We have carefully assembled a dedicated group of professionals to build a team made up of experienced growers, bud tenders, and customer service experts all committed to superior results. The varied experiences of our staff keep us honest.

Our combined experiences give us insights to understand many aspects of our products. Our shared knowledge gives us personal understanding to the challenge of daily pain management, whether it’s a personal trial or the ongoing task of supporting a loved one struggling with a chronic injury or illness. The team’s commitment to a natural approach to what we put into our body and how we treat our planet continues to strengthen our commitment to an alternative and sincere lifestyle.

More and more people are calling for change. We believe in choice and have stepped up to lead the movement for change. Join us.